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We have helped over 4,000 people with bankruptcy cases just like your case.

The Jones Law Group has attorneys that focus on small business bankruptcy in Nashville on staff to service many of your legal needs. The Jones Law Group has attorneys that specialize in Small Business Bankruptcy and Business Litigation Nashville.

When debt relief and a life after bankruptcy are your goals in Davidson County, Tennessee, and surrounding areas, I want to be the lawyer who helps you to achieve them. I am attorney Lynda Jones. For more than 21 years, I have successfully guided thousands of individuals and families to better lives after bankruptcy. I do this with experienced, compassionate, reliable representation and attentive one-on-one personal service that addresses your specific needs.

Whatever your problem is — foreclosure, repossession wage garnishment, creditor harassment — I look forward to discussing solutions to it. I can help you put bankruptcy and debt issues in a broader perspective, giving you the tools you need to put your financial life on a more solid foundation.

Along the way, I work hard to take the fear and embarrassment out of bankruptcy for you. The most important message I can give to any client is this: You are going to be okay.

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